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LEDC Supports City of Needles in BUILD Grant submittal

 By Martin Knauss, President

Laughlin Economic Development Corporation 

The Laughlin Economic Development Corporation supports the application of the City of Needles to the United States Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD 2019) competitive grant program for the Needles Highway Project Segment 1B.

The Needles Highway Project Segment 1B extends from Park Rd (connector to I40) north to Budweiser Rd. This encompasses the section of Needles Highway that is in most need of immediate repair and reconstruction.

The LEDC has sent a letter to The Honorable Elaine Chao, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation in support of the City of Needles grant submittal.

For information about the LEDC, contact President Martin Knauss at; 725-867-8190; or go to

Latest statistics on Laughlin included in LVGEA 2019 annual Perspective book

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Laughlin Economic Development Corporation - In the Media


County approves improvements 

in southern Laughlin

August 27, 2019

Laughlin Times 

LTAB hears variety of reports at monthly meeting

August 20, 2019

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 Solar could be a bright part of Laughlin’s future:  

With ordnance fears subsided, county scheduled to reappraise Southlands property

July 23, 2019

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February 21, 2018

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Laughlin Property Owners Set To Receive More Than $4 Million in County SID Refunds!

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 January 31, 2018

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December 7, 2017

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July 30, 2016

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Laughlin Lagoon Dredging Project Groundbreaking

Held at the Laughlin Marina 

LEDC Map Presentation to City of Needles

LEDC presents map of Tri-State area to City of Needles

LEDC presents map of Tri-State area to City of Needles

By Martin Knauss


Laughlin Economic Development Corporation

At the May 28, 2019 City Council meeting for the City of Needles, the LEDC gifted a wall map of the Tri – State area to the City. Attending from the LEDC was Martin Knauss, President, Jim Maniaci, Vice-President, Cheryl Crow, Board Member, and Robert Bilbray, Strategic Development Advisor. Also attending was Dr. Brian Paulson, Laughlin Town Manager.

Jeff Williams, Mayor of Needles, the City Council members, and Rick Daniels, City Manager, warmly accepted the gift and thanked the LEDC.

The LEDC supports the City of Needles in improving their infrastructure, especially Needles Highway. We hope to work together in the future on a potential Railroad Spur for the area to support commercial development that will provide jobs for the citizens of Needles and


For information about the LEDC, contact President Martin Knauss at; 725-867-8190; or go to

LEDC - Video News


Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak joined representatives from the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation and local government agencies Tuesday to officially launch the Laughlin Lagoon dredging project. The project will remove silt from the water there to make it easier for boats to use the lagoon and the marina. The dredging will also improve the water circulation in the lagoon, significantly reducing spots of stagnant water. The work is expected to be complete in January.

Laughlin Economic Development Corporation

Laughlin, Nevada

2018 LEDC Achievements

1. Laughlin Lagoon Dredging Special Improvement District (SID) 162A and SID 162 B 

  • Driving force in getting SID 162A approved, contracted, and project complete 
  • Continue to work with County on SID 162B for maintenance of Lagoon. 

2. The Community Park at the Lagoon project is just now taking off. 

  • A citizens group has formed to take the ideas generated by the meeting and FB poll in November to create a feasibility plan. 
  • We are interviewing Park Architects to help us in the initial study. 
  • That study will be used to present to the Clark County Parks and Recreation department to obtain funding for a more complete design and eventual construction 

3. Protection of our RTC and County fuel tax funds 

  • Publicly voiced defense of non-equitable cost sharing of third bridge costs. 
  • Focused on using RTC and County fuel tax funds in an appropriate and beneficial way for Laughlin residents 

4. Demanding attention statewide to our need for and placement of medical services. 

  • Discussions throughout the year with representatives to push forward policies that will allow for the opening of a medical facility in Laughlin 

5. Working with CC business license, SOS office and Metro— 

  • Enforcement of out of state unlicensed contractors and service providers 
  • Ensuring that out of state service providers have required DMV license 

6. Securing $4,090,000 in three SID refunds for the residents of Laughlin.

  • The SID’s had been lingering for decades and would still be today but for the efforts of the LEDC. 
  • ~1600 property owners received refunds. 
  • LEDC is sponsoring an amendment to State Law SB 172 so that this will never occur again.

 7. Awarded two $500 scholarships to Laughlin High School Seniors 

  • We are investigating establishing a Scholarship Fund so LEDC members could donate directly to that for additional scholarship awards.  


Third Bridge Proposal from Laughlin to Arizona

Third Bridge Proposal from Laughlin to Arizona

Dec. 11, 2018 -  Agreeing with the LEDC, the Laughlin Town Advisory Board voted 3-1 at its monthly meeting on December 11, 2018 to ask the Clark County Commission and the Regional Transportation Commission to stop spending money on a third bridge over the Colorado River from Laughlin into Arizona.    Learn More

LEDC Table - Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Annual Awards Dinner

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Annual Awards Dinner

 Laughlin Economic Development Corporation's Table  

Aria Hotel, Las Vegas,  September 20, 2018. 

A wonderful evening representing our Laughlin Community's Economic Development hopes and dreams!   Attendees pictured:

Brian Paulson – Laughlin Town Manager, Michele Shafe – Clark County Assessor, Bob Bilbray – Strategic Development Advisor,  Phil Klevorick – Clark County Economic Development Program Mgr., Martin Knauss – Vice President, L.E.D.C .,  James “Jim” Maniaci – Chairman, Laughlin Town Advisory Board & President, L.E.D.C. , Sunny Maniaci – Wife of Jim Maniaci , Rebecca Leavitt – Wife of Glen Leavitt,  Glen Leavitt – Republican Candidate NV State Assembly – Dist. 23