Press Release

Latest statistics on Laughlin included in LVGEA 2019 annual Perspective book

By James “Jim” Maniaci


Laughlin Economic Development Corporation

The latest statistics about Laughlin are included in the 39th annual edition of Perspective. The 210-page volume was unveiled May 14, 2019 by the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance,the State of Nevada’s regional economic development agency for Clark County, at a morning meeting attended by an estimated 680 persons. The Laughlin Economic Development Corporation is an LVGEA member.

As stated in the Perspective, Laughlin has 10,538 residents with 4,932 housing units of which  1,560 are single-family homes, with 1,141 condominiums, plus 560 townhouses, 1 mobile home, and 1,651 apartments. The average household income is $53,614 with the largest segment (18.8%) being $50,000 to $74,999.

The median age is 59.2 years. Employment status is dominated by 64.2 percent “not in the work force,” mostly retirees. Men make up slightly more than half the population, 50.2 percent.

Of the registered voters, 45.3 percent are Republicans, 26.5 percent are Democrats, 21 percent non-partisan, 5.9 percent are Independent American, 0.7 are Libertarian, and 0.6 percent are “other”.

In education, 38.9 percent have some time in college or an associate’s degree, and 31.9 percent have bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees.

The Community section includes a full page on Laughlin, with a picture of the south end of the Laughlin Lagoon, the future site of a 40-acre park that will include a 2,000-foot public beach accessible from the Colorado River. Immediately to the south is the Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Park.

Laughlin’s page concludes, “Laughlin is ripe for Vegas Valley businesses to open branch stores and offices in the community. As the area’s primary advocate for sensible growth, the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation provides networking, promotion, professional services, and site location assistance.”

The 2019 Perspective includes sections on demographics, community, recreation, education, health care, business, real estate, tourism, and reference resources.

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