Laughlin Lagoon Dredging Project

Status Report - 10-4-18



The 15 acres has been cleared, grubbed, watered, scarified, and compacted as per the contract and waiting for final compaction results from Clark County. The remaining Slash piles will be hauled off later in the job as they dry out and are consolidated. The contractor has 4 long reach excavators building approximately 400’-500’ of road per day. They have built approximately 5000’ of the 9500’ of road built as of yesterday--- the road building is scheduled to be complete before October 17th.

The contractor will begin dredging and hauling the circulation channel today or tomorrow with 1-40 ton truck and will add 40 ton trucks as they are delivered to the site--- 4-5 trucks by mid next week. This 100 foot wide channel will extend the beach of the future Community Park site from the levee to the Marina and provide circulation to the entire Lagoon with the two new sets of 4x6 foot new box culverts that are being installation in December. Once the trucking operation is fully ramped-up and there are 2 mass-dredging excavators, the contractor should be dredging and hauling 5000-8000 BCY per day this will give them a scheduled completion of dredging date sometime in December. in short this project will move at a controlled but "breakneck pace" from hereon out to completion.. best we all "hang on tight"!! 

Robert P. Bilbray, 

Strategic Development Advisor, LEDC